Breathe Right : nyquist & THE KENTUCKY DERBY

a racehorse wears a nose strip and wins the 2016 kentucky derby

Nyquist, the racehorse sponsored by Breathe Right, wears a nose strip to help him breathe better, so naturally we jumped onto the Kentucky Derby to root him on. 

The creatives came up with quick and campy GIFs on Twitter to promote Breathe Right nose strips and Nyquist of course. 

These GIFs garnered a great amount of engagement and talk around the Kentucky Derby and Breathe Right. We even inspired real life swag at the derby!

Memorable Tweets Include:

@cdan6081: Thank you for making little nose strips. My schnoz thanks you every night!🙌💃
@loristoris: I love you, get good zzz's bcs of you! And glad you're racing fans too 😄
@jsusang_66: @TheNyquistHorse Neighsal strips!

You can see the fandom at the Breathe Right Twitter!

Art Director: Priya Mapara
Designer: Kaitlin Nicolini
Copywriters: Asterios Kokkinos , David Levin